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The Best Tips for UX Designers To Create A User Friendly Platform


The Best Tips for UX Designers To Create A User Friendly Platform


The UX touchstone is about the specifications that create better user experience along with the comparison with the other available products in the market. There are mainly two types of benchmarking as follows;

§  The retroactive one- In the study of retro designs, it is seen that the customers are usually involved with some question-answer process while sharing their recent experiences about any certain products. This interview process with the users is a good method in retroactive designs but also a drawback is there which is not ignorable. One thing you must keep in mind that the human brain is not perfect so, there is a chance of losing and giving content details respectively.

§  Chore-based- In this case, there are some tasks or assignments that are given to the test participants and they need to complete them using one of the products. For this procedure is crucial to invest in creating such effective tasks and make sure you have well-performed baselines.

The process of UX benchmarking explained

The starting point called the baseline,

Be careful while investing in the right test participant,

Keep the consistency of testing procedure,

Continue doing benchmarking routinely.

Here are tips for best UX benchmarking

§  Utilize benchmarking for understanding the product strengths and weaknesses - It is one of the great aspects while creating UX designs. Like; by looking at your website you can easily gather the information that on which portion of the products people are getting attract and this will be the target to enhance more engagements by effective UX designs.

§  Evaluate the designs against business purposes - While creating a creative UX design; keep the objectives of the business in mind so that it can bottom-up the brand as well.  Besides this, analyze the problem and take out the solution at the same time to make an effective UX.

§  Concentrate - Stay focused and concentrates on the topmost important product objectives and stays updated to avoid certain complications while answering the prime questions later.

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